Future-proofing hotels and leisure centres with CHP

Low-carbon technologies can help create innovative, sustainable buildings fit for the 21st century

Around 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions comes from energy used in buildings – hotels and leisure centres have some of the biggest opportunities for improvement


In this eGuide, discover:

  • How to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency by using low-carbon energy.
  • Why CHP holds the keys to sustainable hotels and leisure centres that are fit for the future.
  • Why the largest chunk of savings comes from the bigger investments, like Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and renewable energy.

Investments in CHP must be carefully considered, but the ROI is surprisingly short – and it can future-proof your business, enhance your reputation, and attract new business.

Work toward a greener future. Develop energy efficient buildings in hospitality and leisure. Download How to create and implement an energy plan in hospitality and leisure to discover how.


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