New energy regulations should be a boost to your bottom line rather than a burden; embracing them can put you ahead of the competition.

Discover why tighter energy regulation in the hospitality and leisure industry should be seen as a catalyst for change.

With energy prices set to double and energy efficiency targets to meet, businesses now need to look beyond the low-hanging fruit for a greener future.


In this eGuide, discover:

  • Why you should embrace the tighter energy regulations.
  • Why low-carbon efficiencies such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is key to hitting emissions targets.

Energy efficiency is at the top of the agenda among hotel and leisure businesses. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) could be pivotal in helping you meeting your efficiency targets.


It’s time to embrace regulation and cut your carbon footprint. Discover why tighter energy regulation should be a catalyst for change. Download your free eGuide What do tighter energy regulations mean for the hospitality and leisure industry? Why you should embrace as well as adhere...


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